Plastic Grade Aspheric lenses

Aspheric lens surfaces allow single elements to achieve near-diffraction-limited performance even at large apertures (using plastic grade) , avoiding the complexity, bulk and reflection losses of multiple-element designs such as microscope objectives. It is now possible to produce plastic grade aspheric lenses economically with good figure and low tooling costs.

New precision moulding technology, and bulk demand for laser-diode collimators, now allows us to offer this range of plastic moulded lenses at a very reasonable costs. They are also ideal for laser focusing and beam expanders and for fibre input and output.

Although designed for specific laser wavelengths, our moulded aspherics performance will be practically as good over most of the visible and NIR range.

The plastics used are light weight and easily machined.

Other options:

  • Stock lenses can be edged to smaller sizes at short notice.
  • Grinding of stock lenses to other sizes such as squares.
  • Mounting options.

Buy Stock Plastic Aspheric Lenses

Custom Plastic Aspheric lenses

Your specific requirements for Plastic grade Aspheric lenses can be supplied at short notice.
We can offer:

If you have a prototype application or a production run for your scientific optical components to your unique specification, we are able happy help

Please email your drawings or requirement to:

Typical materials used for Custom Plastic Aspheric Lenses are:

  • PMMA
  • Acrylic

We also use Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Zeonex

Custom sizes and specifications:

  • Sizes: from 3mm up to 94mm dia
  • Diameter: ± 0.03mm <30mm dimension
  • ± 0.05mm <50mm dimension
  • Surface Quality: <60:40